Celebrating 100,000 hours of software development!

We'd like to publicly congratulate our fantastic team of developers and oustanding clients for helping us achieve this milestone. We reached this threshold in March 2019. Currently we're at hours.

Peakey's Software Development and Consulting Solutions!

Peakey Enterprise provides professional software development and consulting services that encompass a wide range of software development languages, platforms and cloud technologies.

What we do

Peakey works with clients to deliver software solutions that are on time, on budget and meet the needs of today while planning for tomorrow.
Peakey have extensive experience working with .NET, Java, HTML, Javascript, Databases, mobile devices, APIs, version control systems and various project management strategies.

  • Team Augmentation
    Our team of professional software developers and software engineers are well versed in the latest software development languages, platforms and cloud technologies. Software developers and software engineers at Peakey Enterprise are accustomed to working with client teams utilizing various project management styles (such as Scrum and Agile) and source code control sytems (such as Git and TFS).
  • Architecture and Design
    Our software engineers are able to architect your solutions using the latest technologies across multiple platforms to ensure your solution is efficient and responsive. Our solutions are complimented by our UI / UX experts to gaurantee a top shelf user experience.
  • Custom Solutions
    Unlike major software corporations that admisister solutions in bulk, Peakey Enterprise is able to create unique and individualized solutions for all of our clients. We also acknowledge that a company's needs will change over time, and Peakey is dedicated to conforming with your ever changing needs.
  • Responsive Communication
    We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with clients quickly, honestly and clearly. Enjoy peace of mind as you will know exactly where the progress of your project stands.

How we help

Our software developers and software engineers are able to assist with any phase of the software development life cycle including Planning, Documentation, Implementation, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance. We are able to assist existing teams or complete entire projects.

Our services

We offer software development and software engineering services per hour, on contract or per project.

Software Development Languages

Our software developers have experience in a wide range of software development languages.


We have built and maintain multiple custom enterprise grade systems.


Our developers target and support many popular platforms.

Cloud Technologies

We experience architecting and implementing a wide array of cloud technologies and services.

Get in touch

We are available weekdays 9am to 4pm or by appointment for on-site or phone consultations.